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Meet Our Team

These are the professionals that bring your dreams to life.

Nancy Mitchell – Manager

Landon Ramm, Monster Graphics’ previous owner, passed away in 2015  but not before he imparted a love of the industry to those he worked closest with. Nancy Mitchell credits Ramm for laying the foundation of her graphics knowledge.
Not dissimilar to Ramm, Mitchell cares deeply about her team. The talents that they possess drive her to embrace her own talents, which include leadership and dedication. She uses these abilities to help other businesses grow and guide Monster Graphics to greater heights.
This mentality and generosity trickles down into everything Mitchell does. If she won the lottery today, she’d be on an adventure tomorrow but not before throwing some money at her family, friends and a food truck or two.

Chris  Sjafiroeddin – Designer

With his breeze-caught hair hovering in the air, Chris can introduce himself without words, and people will simply know him. Chris’ college years were spent culling every bit of design knowledge from UCO, Rose State and Southern New Hampshire University. At that age, he absorbed knowledge like a machine-deceived human savior in a Matrix movie. These days, the real world around him inspires him more than any book, artist or computer. Outside of work, he volunteers his skills to Homiez: a local clothing company with a business model dedicated to helping the homeless.

Matt Raney – Designer

As a curiosity-fueled graphic designer, Matt has traveled the United States, assimilating  various’ cities’ sense of design and culture. From the quiet of Childress, TX to the bustling chaos of Philadelphia, PA, he’s walked their streets with a tourist’s enthusiasm and a shapeshifter’s mimicry. After a few months practicing in Chicago and a short bus ride back to Oklahoma, he was back to eating Hideaway Pizza, trading in the windy city’s thick deep-dish pies and making himself at home in the heartland without missing a beat. In Edmond, he’s eager to share what he’s learned, bringing cutting edge designs to Monster Graphi​cs​ and Oklahoma. With cat-like wit, you can always expect clever art from Matt.

Justin Mitchell – Installer

Justin likes to keep things simple. In an ideal situation, he’d be spending time with his kids and watching TV. The car he’d drive would be a Land Rover with no graphics.
Don’t let the simplicity of his joys belie the work he’s done. Toiling on a wide range of vehicles for Monster Graphics, who are known for their bold designs and wraps, Justin’s work can be seen all over the town and on national media. His hands have touched everything from standard box trucks to street racer James Goad’s “The Reaper,” which has appeared on the Discovery channel. Goad is a repeat customer as Justin has wrapped the street racing veteran’s car twice now.

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